Some FAQ’s on Safety Eyeglasses

Columbus Optical provides safety eyeglasses options that support a wide range of occupations and activities. Safety glasses can protect your eyes against a wide range of risks, including high impacts, sharp objects, and chemicals. They are of paramount importance for anyone who works in a high-risk environment, such as construction or in a factory.

What if I have a prescription?

Like regular eyeglasses, safety glasses can be designed to match your existing prescription, so you won’t need to sacrifice your vision while wearing them.

Which type of safety glasses are the best to use?

In short, it depends on what you need them for! Some safety glasses are designed to provide protection from front impacts, while others have built-in side shields, to prevent side impacts. There are a wide range of options available.

Do I really “need” to wear them for work?

Yes, and for 2 reasons:

1) It’s always better to be safe than sorry, no matter how confident you may be in your ability to keep your eyes out of harm’s way.

2) OSHA requires that employees in any workplace that is a ‘high-risk’ environment for the eyes wear safety eyeglasses at all times.

If you are considering safety eyeglasses, either for your personal use or for your workplace, we encourage you to contact us with any additional questions you may have, and to learn more about our safety eyewear selection!